WARNING: This Podcast may contain excessive amounts of sarcasm, random jack-assery and mild doses of profanity.  Listeners may experience extreme levels of enlightenment and motivation, leading to elevated production of serotonin & dopamine.


The Over 50 Badass Podcast is a weekly video podcast that kicks old-school thoughts on mid-life right in the teeth. Available on your favorite podcast app and YouTube, this show is filled with thoughtful, witty, often spicy, and always entertaining discussions on midlife and how to optimize yours to live your second half to its fullest potential. If you're 45-65 and you're looking for the motivation, resources, and inspirations to be more, do more, and live more, this podcast is for YOU.


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Craig Sweeney & David Burnside: Two 50-something Badasses (sometimes aspiring...) who love to bring humor, witty banter (in their opinion anyway), frequent sarcasm and unique inspiration to discussions around midlife careers, divorce, sex, parenting, etc...while interviewing Badass guests who bring real value and inspiration to their audience.