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How to Avoid the Killer Disease of Midlife attitude & emotional health Dec 01, 2022

Writer: John Macdonald

Covid isn’t the only disease we need a vaccine for... 

Spoiler: It has nothing to do with diet, exercise, COVID, or vaccines

You and I are fighting a deadly disease that needlessly infects many midlifers.

If we let this disease take hold, the fatality rate...

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So...we’re at that age where we start losing our parents...and our friends’ parents. It’s inevitable, right?? It’s yet another kick in the nuts when the parents we grew up with on TV start to kick the bucket. From getting caught ‘treating our bodies like an amusement park’ or having your dad ‘stop short’...our TV moms and dads from Seinfeld gave us so many great memories...and we’re fucking sad.

It’s springtime again, a time when, traditionally, our thoughts turn to love – or at least SEX. If you fall into this camp, you should probably spring for better beer than Milwaukee’s Best next time you're at the local tap...and put the brakes on that Starbucks order. Here are 4 foods to avoid if you want some ‘sexy time’ this spring. Read up. If you still need help from our little blue friends, and you’re going to the Internets to procure ‘em - you just may be buying counterfeit.

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C’Mon Man...we all know one...just don’t be this guy.

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