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Do you ever...

look in the mirror and think this is NOT what you'd planned and you're going to damn well do something to change it?

feel that you and your partner have grown apart but you love them and feel excited that its time to find your way back to each other?

do the numbers and get your imagination humming with ideas for bringing in income that makes you grin with joy?

Welcome to Over 50 Badass

a group of people who didn't know you when you were young. You join this group with who are you today and who you're going to be tomorrow.

No one gives a f**k where you've been unless you need us to know.

How freeing is that?

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This is everything but boring...

None of this pseudo-educational, “new-agey” messaging. This community is for driven and determined over50s who are maker-happeners and taking control of their second half.

Straight-Talk, No Bullshit with a heavy dose of entertaining jack-assery.

We don’t patronize you by perpetuating false and negative narratives about mid-life or feed you ads for shit that does.

This is a community of your people - people looking for inspiration, to share their ideas and successes and rants - there's education and resources and socials to ensure you have an Amazingly Badass Second Half.

Who better to tell about the new recipes for your Food Truck - or share that your divorce has just gone through but isn't going to define you - or that you've applied for a new job - or that you're frustrated with your Mom?

If you're like us, you don't want that stuff on Facebook - so where can you shout it?


Ready to join your people?

Over 50 Badass Community

Hey there, I’m Craig.  I’ve founded three companies in midlife, and although by this point I embrace change like a motherfucker, I also know first-hand the difficulty of transitioning and getting to a space of feeling fulfilled.

I also know I don’t have all the answers.  This midlife ain’t for the weak.  That’s why I’ve assembled a roster of super Badass thought leaders, coaches and experts to bring you fresh ideas, motivation and education.  With the collective experience, examples, and guidance of the Over 50 Badass Community, you will be guided through this journey to being the Badass you were meant to be!


Recognize and work on any negative mindsets and bullshit narratives.

See real world examples.

Identify your own personal Badassery.

Make needed changes with community support.

Be kicked in the ass and woken up.

We are your guide on your journey to a Badass second half.

Choose to add access to Masterminds, specialized events, become a contributing member, network and affiliate.


We are bringing together a whole heap of awesome people who are determined to have an amazing second half - you're going to want to be a part of this!

While we're at it let's change mainstream media’s perception/portrayal of older generations.

Let's create a change legacy that supports future generations!

To build a successful business, make money, and be Badasses ourselves.


Isn't it Time?

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Be that Badass

find the listening, cheerleading, motivation, inspiration, resources and guidance to truly optimize the second half of your life

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